My Singing Monsters Hack

cheats on my singing monsters ipad


cheats on my singing monsters ipad

Today’s theme is about new ways to make more coins in game. MSM YouTube pro Diane Delsig has come up with the NOGGIN flash mob and I attempt it here. Unfortunately I don’t have enough beds yet in my castle but eventually it’ll get there. Thanks Diane!

Diane Delsig’s video:

Keep coming back and see how many singing monsters I discover.

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Some more information about this game:

My Singing Monsters is a world builder video game released for Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android, and Amazon platforms, and now PS Vita. It was developed by Big Blue Bubble and was published with support from the Canada Media Fund on September 4, 2012. The game was animated by Tigh Tiefenbach.

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The cheats on my singing monsters ipad – my singing monsters hack for coins, feeds & diamonds.

Hi everyone I know this glitch is pretty pointless but I just thought I show you it 🙂 please like and subscribe if you liked this video.
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